ABILITIE Tricia-Burke

Tricia Burke/ Alain Falkon

Regional Director de Abilitie/ Abilitie Facilitator & Director of Business Undergraduate Studies at Universidad de Palermo


Caso Abilitie y PepsiCo: El poder del aprendizaje experiencial en entornos grupales
07/06/2023 18:00 UTC
07/06/2023 12:00 America/Costa_Rica
07/06/2023 12:00 America/Mexico_City
07/06/2023 13:00 America/Bogota
07/06/2023 14:00 America/Santiago
07/06/2023 15:00 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
07/06/2023 20:00 Europe/Madrid
07/06/2023 19:00 Europe/Lisbon
Zona horaria
  • UTC
  • America/Costa_Rica
  • America/Mexico_City
  • America/Bogota
  • America/Santiago
  • America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
  • Europe/Madrid
  • Europe/Lisbon
20 min.
Día 1 / Sala 2


Experiential learning creates a memorable and engaging environment in which participants can actively pursue the development of new competencies. Research shows that hands-on, integrative, and collaborative active learning experiences lead to high levels of achievement and personal development. As the virtualization and hybridization of education continue to evolve, the need for more intentional virtual education is greater than ever before. Abilitie has provided virtual and hybrid experiential learning programs since 2015.
With cohort-based, competitive simulations at their core, Abilitie participants practice real skills in immersive and engaging challenges with cohort-based reflection for maximum impact. In this session, you will hear how companies like Dell Technologies, Coca-Cola & PepsiCo leverage Abilitie business simulations to develop their leaders

Tricia Burke/ Alain Falkon

Tricia Burke is a consultative professional with 15+ years of global strategic partnership success in North America, LATAM, and
EMEA. At Abilitie, Tricia has been helping learning and development professionals at small and Fortune 500 companies bring their vision to life with award-winning leadership development programs that are team-based, experiential, and competitive.

Tricia is passionate about the ‘why’ – the ‘how’ – and tapping into our greatest potential. Leadership takes practice and Abilitie’s mission
is to change the way people advance in their careers. Abilitie is an accomplished leader in management and executive education, providing
innovative, simulation-based experiential learning to the world’s leading industries.