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Christina Yan Zhang

CEO and Founder, The Metaverse Institute

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08/06/2023 13:20 UTC
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08/06/2023 09:20 America/Santiago
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08/06/2023 15:20 Europe/Madrid
08/06/2023 14:20 Europe/Lisbon
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Is it the future for training – a brave, new, digital world where every experience is an immersive learning opportunity and better leaners’ experience than ever before? Or is it a dangerous distraction from the essential discipline and structure of traditional training?» The presentation would use provide a pragmatic and balanced approach on this topic.

Christina Yan Zhang

A pioneer in the metaverse, Christina started PhD in 2006 using digital twin for the AEC industry. She has 16 years experience working with government ministers, universities presidents, and business CEOs on industry, innovation and skills strategies. She’s sat on 20+ committees for UNESCO, World Bank, the Commonwealth, the EU, and UK Governments.