Jo-Anne Rossouw / Andriy Verminskyy

Head of Digital Learning en Nestlé / Global Product Manager Training and Learning en Nestlé

Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

How Nestlé cancelled classrooms and empowered learner experiences online
01/06/2021 17:40 UTC
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01/06/2021 18:40 Europe/Lisbon
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Nestlé is the largest and most renowned global food and beverage company in the world but once the pandemic hit, much like everyone else, everything had to change — and fast. With the help of Cornerstone, Nestlé has been able to not only move all learning operations online seamlessly, but also convinced others of the benefits and online learning is here to stay. In this presentation you’ll learn more about Nestlé’s one, easy-to-use learning platform which is accessible anytime and therefore increased employee engagement at an all-time high.

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Jo-Anne Rossouw / Andriy Verminskyy

Jo-Anne Rossouw: Head of Digital Learning at Nestlé
As Head of Digital Learning at Nestlé, JoAnne is a passionate Learning professional always looking for opportunities to innovate and / or renovate, striving to mirror the learning experience in one’s private capacity with that of their professional development journey. Her management & leadership style can be summarized by ‘Achieving the best results, through enabling others to reach their full potential’. Jo-Anne is a ‘big picture’ thinker, but am able to continuously connect the dots on smaller points and topics.

Andriy Verminskyy: Global Product Manager at Nestlé
As Global Product Manager, Andriy is responsible for Nestlé’s digital learning program. His expertise combines technical and project management skills that enhance the success of projects with strong adaptability, credibility, creativity. Andriy overlooks the Learning Management implementation at Nestlé and provides technical assistance, vendor management, 3rd level support and release management. He is focused on result and has have strong knowledge in Cornerstone LMS, Core and Connect modules.