Learning and innovation case: Zoom like a pro! How Zoom is leveraging Docebo to engage over 600,000 learners

“You already know Zoom: they’re a video communications platform, with over 6800 employees. Most customers will come to the Learning Center if we invite them; they’ll stay if they become personally invested in what we have to offer.” Jen Dunham, Global Manager of Customer Enablement, Zoom



An exponentially-growing customer base required a scalable learning solution

Docebo helped Zoom address a major challenge: the need for a scalable learning solution for an exponentially growing customer base.

When the pandemic hit, Zoom became the go-to video platform for hosting events like birthday parties, classrooms, and doctor’s appointments. However, this led to a huge influx of new users and a massive training need. Zoom’s goal was to centralize customer learning and expand offerings to include on-demand and just-in-time learning—allowing users to learn anywhere, anytime, and in a way that works best for them. To achieve this, Zoom aligned their learning strategy with business goals and chose Docebo, a best-in-class learning suite, to deploy this initiative.


The Zoom Learning Center, powered by Docebo

With Docebo, Zoom was able to launch their learning center in under five months. The platform was not a barebones minimum viable product (MVP), but a robust platform that exceeded their original expectations. They started by assessing learner needs and keeping the UX and content practical and focused. Then they explored all the options for learning, personalization, and automation in the Docebo Learn platform. They experimented and iterated, stacking different tools against each other to see what worked best for their users and content. After testing, they launched with a bang, marketing the launch internally and externally. At launch, their custom, on-brand learning platform, powered by Docebo, already hosted dozens of courses, videos, and learning plans for their entire suite of products. Now, it’s easy for Zoom to manage the platform and update it with new content, from e-learning to live training. The Zoom Learning Center is fast and easy to use for users looking for quick support on a specific product. It’s also powerful enough to serve in-depth training courses to users working on expert-level qualifications. The Zoom Learning Center is intuitive and easy for all audiences.


Exceptional training for hundreds of thousands of engaged learners

Within a month of launch, Zoom’s learning center served over 100,000 learners. The average course review is 4.1 out of 5, and 69.26% of users feel very or extremely confident in applying what they learned. To date, over 600,000 users have registered, and over half of those users are paid account holders. Nearly 89,000 users have completed full courses, and CSMs report less time spent supporting customers with the basics and more time providing customized solutions. Within one month of launch, Zoom’s YouTube channel received 8.2M returning viewers as they replace legacy training videos with new ones. The Zoom Security team can now point users to a course where customers can earn a Security Champion badge in under 10 minutes (like thousands of other users to date). It’s efficient, consistent, and great for the Brand.

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